LegisView: United States Code

OS X 10.12.2
With LegisView, you can view the entirety of the United States Code from the comfort of your Mac. LegisView provides a delightful, clutter-free content experience that allows you to focus on what you care about and see statutes in context with their surrounding content, rather than in isolation. Advanced search and navigation functionality make finding what you want within each title a joy. As you scroll through a title, your place in the navigator is kept in sync; you will never lose track of where you are. LegisView even allows you to browse all the general and permanent laws of the United States without the need for an Internet connection; everything is stored locally, using state-of-the-art compression technology. LegisView features include: * Full offline functionaly * Advanced navigation * Powerful search * Dark Mode * Content font size adjustment * Show / hide different annotations * Copy citations * History * And more to come! Your one-month or one-year subscription is auto-renewable for your convenience and also gives you access to periodic updates as the statutes change (for full terms of use, visit http://legisview.com/terms).