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The highly regarded Lens•Lab iOS application is now available for your Mac! Lens•Lab is a virtual lens simulation tool for photographers of all skill levels. It graphically illustrates how depth of field and field of view relate to your SLR camera and lenses. Professionals will like how quick and easy it is to get depth of field calculations. Semi-pro photographers will enjoy configuring "what-if?" scenarios for various lenses. Photography beginners will find it to be a great learning tool by exploring the interplay of aperture, focal length, and focal distance in real time. Lens•Lab is more than a great depth of field calculator, it's a lens simulator that can help you explore, see, and intuitively understand how depth of field works with your camera and lenses. Lens•Lab Features: Advanced visual depiction of depth of field with real-time controls: • The background scales from 10 centimeters to 100 meters interactively • Out-of-focus areas are represented as blurred in real-time • Distance labels, angle of view, and other information updates as you drag Easily control aperture, focal length, and focal distance with sliders or mouse drag: • Aperture (from ƒ/1 to ƒ/32 in micro-stop increments) • Focal Length (from 10mm to 300mm) • Focal Distance (from 10cm to 100m) Information overlays are independently configurable: • Hyperfocal Distance • Far Depth of Field • Focal Distance • Near Depth of Field • Total Depth of Field • Vertical Angle of View • Distance Scale • Simulated Blur Sensor size is configurable for: • Full Frame (35mm) • APS-C (for Canon Digital Rebel, Nikon DX, etc.) • Four Thirds (for Olympus, etc.) An image of the current configuration can be copied to the clipboard or saved as a TIFF image file for later reference. Included is a usage guide that explains all features of the application as well as depth of field in photography.