Let It Snow

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Bring a Winter Wonderland to your desktop with Let It Snow's realistic snow fall and get into that festive holiday feeling as snow covers your dock and settles on the currently active window whilst you work. Features: · Realistic snow fall - using a physics engine · Snow drifts - that build up at the bottom of the screen · Snow covered windows - snow settles on the currently active window · Random flurries of snow - so you'd better wrap up warm · Melting snow - snow disappears after a period of time · Gusts of wind - for additional realism A number of preferences let you control how the snow falls: · Amount - Decide how much snow you want · Size - Pick bigger or smaller snow flakes · Speed - Select faster or slower snow · Flurries - Choose if you more or less flurries of snow · Thaw - Set how quickly you want the snow to thaw · Escape bottom - Toggle between snow escaping from the desktop or building up at the bottom of the screen · Multicolored - Add a bit of colour to your snow flakes · Settle on active window - Choose if snow settles on the active window · Gusts - Choose if you want more or less gusts of wind The app lives in the system bar, a white star near to the volume control in the top-right of the desktop. Clicking on the white star icon gives you access to the preferences, an option to automatically start Let It Snow when you machine starts and the option to quit the app. For those with two displays, the snow will fall on what OS X considers the main display. NOTE: The desktop backgrounds in the screenshots are not distributed with the app. Let it Snow brings a little bit of winter magic to your Mac!