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First released for the iPad, the Mac version of LetterMpress takes you a step up in resolution and control for creating authentic looking letterpress prints. The Mac version includes: • Full-screen and resizable desktop view. • Prints can be created as high as 8192 pixels. That’s over 26” at 300 dpi! • Up to 4x the output resolution of the iPad. • Menus, mouse actions, and keyboard shortcuts for moving, scaling, and rotating objects on the press bed. ____________ LetterMpress is a creative environment that lets you design beautiful compositions with vintage wood type and art cuts on a virtual hand-driven printing press. LetterMpress gives you the experience of producing your designs on a letterpress — placing and arranging type on the press bed, inking, and then turning the hand crank to make a print. Every step in the printing process is replicated on the Mac, to give you an authentic, interactive experience. Try something new. Experiment. Have fun! You’ll soon see why the art and craft of letterpress is becoming so popular. LetterMpress is easy to learn and fun to do, but it’s not a toy. Create designs with authentic wood type and vintage “art cuts.” You can mix custom colors and make multiple impressions on a single sheet. The specially designed studio environment lets you create and save several variations. Once you have created your prints you can print, copy, or export. The files can be opened or imported by most popular graphics applications, allowing you to integrate authentic wood type and art impressions into your design palette. With LetterMpress you can create: • Fine art posters • Event posters and mailers • Invitations • Music CD covers • Greeting cards • Scrapbook covers and interior pages • Signage • Calendars • Framed wall art, and more... Type and art that comes with LetterMpress is royalty-free for personal and commercial use. For technical support, please email: support@lettermpress.com