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LIBERTUUS Business Dictionary Library is a perfect bilingual, bidirectional guide to English and Spanish business terminology. The dictionary is a qualified help for specialists and contains all terms and acronyms from the area of business, finance, economics and all related fields. With a total number of 6 000 entries, it is an essential reference especially for professionals. To cover all business terminology the dictionary includes 8 categories: • Finance, Banking & Accounting; • Economics; • Statistics; • Operations; • E-commerce; • Marketing; • Human Resources; • Management. You can make your own content by adding categories from Categories list. Statistics category is available at once as you downloaded dictionary. Special features include: • specially marked mostly used Favorite words; • advanced text search; • easy navigation and quick switch of languages; • no internet connection required. LIBERTUUS provides a well-founded selection of terms from every aspect of ever-changing business language.