Lights OFF [Pro]

OS X 10.6
Lights OFF is an awesome puzzle game, that will keep you busy for hours ... The game is designed to never stop. "Only" 1050 levels in "Arcade" mode (Pro version), and infinite random levels in "Free Play" mode. Enjoy ;) The object of the game is to turn all the lights out on the keypad, but each time you press a lit or unlit button, it not only changes that button, but also the adjacent buttons! You must try to turn the lights out in the minimum number of moves! • Play modes: • ARCADE: with "only" 1050 levels, you will be busy for a very long time! • FREE PLAY: Choose the difficulty level, the grid size, and play every time a new random level! Go to WWW.YNFO.IT, click on "Lights OFF" icon and watch the demo video ;)