LignUp Multi Collector

OS X 10.6.6
Mac OS 10.8 and higher The LignUp Multi Collector — an Amazing Victory of Order over Chaos. So Easy to use and so Powerful same time. The multipurpose collector opens amazing facilities, which you can completely acquire just in a half an hour. With the LignUp Multi Collector lots of separate elements become a genuine treasure — an ordered harmonious collection. You can easily assort the collection as you like, add random sections and keep all necessary information about items in database. - Choose between dozens of categories or create custom one; - Make photo of your items directly from your camera, and edit your images using internal image editor. - Search online information and capture images directly from program, use Google, eBay and Amazon to find proper items. - Create and edit any template to perfectly match your collectibles. - Create custom statistic. - Customize and print various reports. The LignUp software improves continually. As the new versions appear, you get more and more effective tools and your «magic wand's» power increases rapidly with each release. Offer your own ideas to developers and bring it closer to perfection with it.