LinkBuilder for PayPal

OS X 10.7
LinkBuilder for PayPal helps you create links for receiving payments via PayPal. Need to email customers a PayPal payment link on a regular basis? Do you find manually stringing together complex URL parameters a chore? LinkBuilder is for you! LinkBuilder is a time-saving utility designed to take the blood, sweat and tears out of generating PayPal payment links, especially for use in emails. The LinkBuilder utility implements many of the HTML variables from PayPal Payments Standard Integration Guide (Buy Now Button section), especially for use within emails where the link cannot be encrypted. The Bitly URL shortening service is also supported from within the app as some email clients can truncate a long URL. General Features: LinkBuilder is flexible in that it can be used to quickly generate a simple payment link, and it will also create a more complex one. Build a quick and simple PayPal payment link with the basic minimum information: - Product/Service name - Item Price - Quantity (or allow customer to specify) - Currency - Country Code (locale) Link Builder also supports more complex PayPal payment links parameters: - Apply a shipping cost - Control the behaviour of the shipping address prompt - Apply a discount (amount or percentage) - Apply tax (amount or percentage) - Apply a handling charge - Add invoice and item number, or a custom variable - Specify a return URL for completed or cancelled transaction - Specify a return URL for script notification - Specify a logo image URL for the checkout page Other major features: - Save URL links for later use or store as a template - Support for link testing in PayPal Developer Sandbox - Built in support for Bitly URL shortening