Liquid Database

OS X 10.9
Manage your personal collection of Liquids (Liquid Recipes), Flavours, Bases and Distributors and keep track of your Storage. Features: - Liquids Database/Recipes - Flavour Database - Bases Database - Distributors Database - Storage - eJuice Recipe Calculator - Rating System for Liquids and Flavours - Export Recipes in CSV File Format - Export Recipes in PDF Format (incl. Images) - Print Labels for your Liquid Recipes Just enter your Flavours, Bases and Distributors once and use them to manage your Liquids and your personal Liquid Recipes. For each Item you can store additional Informations like Flavors, Base, Distributor etc. and a graphical Illustration (Picture) for each Liquid or the share value of PG, VG and Water for each Base and more. For each Item you can set an amount Value and the unit of measurement and if this amount Value is greater then 0, the Item will automatically be added to your Storage Database. Many automated tasks try to support you while you manage your Liquids, to make it as easy as possible.