Listaway: To Do List & Errands

OS X 10.11
Listaway: To-Do List, Task Manager & Reminders is an outstanding planner app that helps you organize your life on your terms. Main Features: • Create lists • Add tasks and errands for todo lists • Add subtasks to tasks • Schedule reminders • Sync tasks across multiple devices through iCloud What you can assign and add to your lists are, • A list title • A due date (useful for shopping and grocery lists, home, school, work, chores, errands and when all the list items are due the same day) • Color coded priority • Checklist style tasks, errands, to-dos, items etc. Tasks, errands, to-dos, items can have • A title • Subtasks • Files • Notes • Priority that is represented with 18 different colors and numbers • Due date and time that can be assigned with a monthly calendar view • Task repeating with detailed options (daily, weekly, on specific days etc.) • Reminder with different sound and repeat options • A price • An amount • A phone number • An email address • An address • A url • A star that can define a task as important Some other features: • Integration with your Calendar and Reminders apps • Backup your lists to your iCloud and device • Reordering tasks by due date and time, alphabetically, priority, starred • Reordering tasks, subtasks and lists manually with drag and drop feature • Sorting lists by priority, due date, alphabetically and manually • Moving tasks between lists • Quick access to active tasks and events with options of calendar view or list view • A view for all active alerts • A recycle bin to keep inactive lists and tasks • An archive for completed tasks • Creating duplicate lists (helpful for grocery lists) • Printing & emailing lists • Searching tasks, reminders, errands, chores, to dos, alerts and calendar • Assigning badge app icon notification to notify specific tasks or lists • Customizable app appearance with different backgrounds