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- View encrypted AES data content and turn blob data into image - SQLite is a widely-used data management system supported by software developers across different development platforms including Mac OS X and iOS. In order to make sure that an application is able to read and write data, it is essential for software developers to use an application for viewing the database content. Developing that soft of applications is not difficult. But there are a couple of slippery issues. No. 1, if records are encrypted individually, how do we make sure that each cell contains the right text value? No. 2, if the data type of a field is blob, how do we make sure that some bits of data will turn into an actual image? The main objective of Lite Reader is to let the user , not edit but view the table content of an SQLite database file. It supports two community-maintained AES wrappers (AESCrypt-ObjC & RNCryptor) for Objective-C in decrypting data on the basis of individual records. LiteReader also lets you decode blob data into a viewable image. * Features * 1. Read SQLite database file and return numbers of records (rows) and fields (columns) for each table. 2. Decode blob data into a viewable image. 3. Decrypt AES text data. 4. Save encryption keys. 5. Get quick access to recently-opened data files. 6. Search encrypted or non-encrypted data. 7. Save entire encrypted or decrypted data for the selected table as XML. 8. Save encrypted or decrypted text data for the selected record as text. 9. The application supports the retina display. 10. The application supports the fullscreen mode. 11. Languages: English only. 12. Application file size: 12.7 MB. 13. The application comes with a complete user's guide written in English. (Choose Help > User's Guide.) 14. The application comes with a 9-page introduction window, giving the user a quick tour over how it works. * System requirements * 1. 10.7 (tested with 10.7.5), 10.8 (untested), 10.9 (tested with 10.9.4), 10.10 (tested with 10.10) 2. 64-bit system * Limitations * 1. Decrypting text values depends on AES wrappers.  Currently, LiteReader supports two community-maintained ones (AESCrypt-ObjC & RNCryptor).