Little Bear Has Fun

OS X 10.6
Discover new games to entertain your child in the company of Little Bear! - The images in pieces: images are cut into three parts and they are mixed. Assemble them by dragging the pieces. - Fishing for Numbers: help Little Bear to catch all the “fish - numbers" of the river. To do that, grab them with your finger! - What a mess: Little Bear's room is really not a pretty sight! Help him put his toys and his clothes in the right place without missing any. - The right choice: this game is a bit more difficult. Will you be able to properly store objects that pass before you according to their shape or colour? These simple and fun activities promote psychomotor development in young children. The catchy music and sound environment stimulate them. And throughout the game, Little Bear speaks to them and congratulates them. The application is available in 7 languages ​​(English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, French,Dutch). It is possible to change the language within the application. This way, you can improve your child’s awareness to the sounds of foreign languages.