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For users of equatorial mounts that use a Losmandy polar scope including the Astrotrac camera mount. For northern hemisphere users the app will generate a correctly rotated reticle with the positions of Polaris ( Alpha Ursa Minor ) and Delta Ursa Minor making it super easy to get your polar alignment correct. Southern hemisphere users will see the rotated reticle along with the positions of Sigma Octans and Chi Octans. To assist the user to identify these stars, other stars in the octans asterism ( CG Octans, Tau Octans and Upsilon Octans ) are displayed to give visual context. Users should be aware that the reticle was designed to work from 1990 to 2010 so due to precession the positions of the reference stars will no longer fit into the spaces provided in the reticle. You should attempt to place the stars where the app has drawn them for best accuracy. The app uses the system time and location services when it is available. If location services are not available, location can be set manually.