Loan Assistant 2018

OS X 10.12
Loans… Loans help individuals pay for items or bills over a longer term, and this spreading of payments can relieve the pressure of big one time or unexpected expenses. But not all loans are created equally. Will you be able to make your monthly payments without an issue? Which loan is a better offer? Loans should be approached sensibly and realistically. And Loan Assistant is here to help you. Loan Assistant is a simple yet powerful tool designed to provide extensive information about loans and help you to manage them. Calculators: ⁃ Auto loans ⁃ Mortgage ⁃ Personal loans ⁃ Credit card repayments ⁃ Credit card payoff date Features: ⁃ Flexible loan period (payments, months, years) ⁃ Flexible payment frequency (weekly, be-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) ⁃ Detailed information about the loan including: ⁃ Full loan summary ⁃ Payment schedule ⁃ Additional amortization information ⁃ Support of unlimited extra payments: ⁃ Recurrent extra payments ⁃ Extra payments for a specific date ⁃ Extensive loan options information (what if scenarios): ⁃ Various loan amounts ⁃ Various interest rate ⁃ Various loan duration ⁃ Ability to save calculation for later use ⁃ Print calculation ⁃ Or just export it as a file And finally, your information stays private. Gain control of your finances. Loan Assistant is here to help you.