LocationWizard – Test Your Ads and Apps

OS X 10.11
Easily Test Your Ads And Apps From Different Geo Locations LocationWizard allows you to view and validate geo-targeted ads, apps and content. It solves your biggest marketing challenges when it comes to test and monitor geo-targeted content. If you are a marketer, a developer or your company has offices in several parts of the world, you can use LocationWizard for ad verification, local testing, brand protection, talent sourcing or even sales. It’s simple, fun and useful. LocationWizard main features: - 100+ Global Locations - Premium locations, including 30+ in US. - Simple and Friendly - Change your location with a simple click and browse locally. - Fast and Reliable - We guarantee speed, security and availability. LocationWizard use cases: - View geo-targeted local content and ads from anywhere in the world. - Replicate user experience on social media from anywhere in the world. - Verify ad integrity via various IPs and eliminate errors. - Monitor A/B Tests with demographic visitor segmentation. - Know your users and manage locally the entire customer experience.