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Simply try it out. You will understand why Lock Screen Pro has set a new standard in securing your device. Elegance and simplicity packaged to enable users to get excited about a locking their screen. Lock Screen Pro is loaded with 34 features..... Here are some of them..... * Personalize the appearance of your Lock Screen * Name and Image displayed on locked screen * Customizable Wallpapers * Message posting on screen * Local Weather & Time (Asks for current location) * multiple styles of clocks and weather displays * Images of unauthorized users are captured (evidence) * Screen shade with icon on locked page * Battery meter for laptops * Choose locking/opening sounds and animations * Time delay for movie watching(Movie Mode) * Player for iTunes on top of locked screen * Detailed instructions and F.A.Q * Movie/work mode to prevent sleep * Incoming Email Alerts * and many more Lock Screen Pro needs to be experienced and set up as a packaged Lock Screen just they way you want it..