Lock Your Screen

OS X 10.6
Lock Your Screen. This is the real deal. This build was a huge effort and we are adding more content and we are constantly improving the simplicity of Lock Your Screen. Your computer simply needs to be protected by this app. Lock Your Screen is loaded with following features. * Personalized appearance * Name and Image displayed on locked screen * Customizable Wallpapers * Message posting on screen * Local Weather & Time (Asks for current location) * 8 styles of clocks and weather displays * Customizable slideshow * Images of unauthorized users are captured (evidence) * Screen shade with icon on locked page * Battery meter for laptops * Choose locking/opening sounds and animations * Time delay for movie watching(Movie Mode) * Player for iTunes on top of locked screen * Detailed instructions and F.A.Q * Movie/work mode to prevent sleep * Incoming Email Alerts Five ways to Lock Your Screen * Free Lock * Magic Lock * Dot Match Lock * Key Lock * Password Lock First and foremost we wanted to build a login or lock out app that set a totally new standard. The main idea was to have users actually enjoy the process from the moment they open Lock Your Screen. Being in control of your computer had to feel like a value added experience and never like a mundane chore. Lock Your Screen will be your most used, trusted, reliable and elegant app you have on your Mac the moment you install this gem. It is very simple. Lock Your Screen is the locking device we have all been waiting for. Lock Your Screen was designed and built to address every possible desire a user could ever have when it comes to locking and controlling a locked screen. Hiding this massive effort behind a simple user interface, that is super easy to use was the biggest challenge. Lock your Screen secures your computer in style. This app is a pleasure to use and ooooooozes functionality and comfort. Lock Your Screen has a tidy user interface that keeps all the complicated operations behind closed doors. Not only does Lock Your Screen allow you to keep intruders out, it lets you feel good about using the application daily. With so many features Lock Your Screen will look and feel great and it will be comforting every time you login and experience the simplicity. The List of features is quite impressive making Lock Your Screen your most trusted app. This is a locking device and the app has to convey a very high level of trust. Lock your Screen will convince you of the care and quality that went in to building this app. iLifeTouch making apps that make your Life easier one day at a time. Enjoy our apps!