Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite

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********* Introductory Price of $2.99 for a limited time! Regularly priced $9.99 ********** Create your logo or brand in minutes with Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite! From the makers of the #1 selling logo software for over 15 years, Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite lets you design a new logo with flexible design tools and easy to use interface. Need your logo on a bumpersticker? Need your logo on a billboard? No need to re create your logo. All the graphics in Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite are vector based allowing them to scale up and down without losing their sharpness and clarity. All files exported in SVG format remain fully editable by Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite. Features include: - Bézier editing visually shows adjustable nodes you can move or delete in order to change the look of shapes, text and curves - Powerful Boolean operations allow you to quickly create complex new shapes by adding and subtracting shapes and text together - Full support for SVG files, including import and export - Dynamically add text as an outline of any line or shape; fill a shape with text; or create a unique text shape using Bézier editing - When drawing freehand on the canvas, the Bézier pen automatically smoothes any choppiness to create a natural look to your drawings - Import and export your logo in all popular formats (SVG, PDF, PSD, JPG, TIFF, BMP and more) including transparent backgrounds - Advanced color control options, and linear & radial gradients help sharpen your look - Full layer support - Easy alignment tools Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite includes: - 15 editable logo templates - 75 common vector objects - 5 commercial use fonts