Lucky Balloon

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Lucky Balloon is more than just an balloon simulator. It is educational game that teaches children numbers, letters, shapes, counting and will improve their logical thinking. The application contains report about count of correct and wrong answers for each player in parental zone. This game will show you that learning can be very fun! Fly in hot air balloon with panda, hippo, reindeer or bear and obtain gold coins for correct answers. Repair their balloons after collisions with flying risk objects. The balloon of your animal friend can be damaged by risks like paper plane, duck, bee, eagle, arrow, hail, meteorite and many others. Help animals to fly in their balloons from your balloon in many types of weather (rainy, lightning, windy, snowy, foggy, warm, freezing, sunny, ...). Give them a fuel tank, patches and matches. Inflate or deflate balloon to fly in optimal altitude to reach maximal horizontal speed of the balloon. In addition the balloon is protected in this altitude by a vortex air. More instructions you can find directly in the game. Main Game Features: --- no advertisements and no in-app purchases --- learn numbers, letters, shapes, counting and logical thinking in a fun way --- control the balloon by the burner, weights and discharging of hot air --- catch the bonus items like falling stars and fuel tank --- touch the snowflakes and clouds for fun --- many types of weather --- day-night cycle --- many types of risk objects --- report in the parental zone Good luck :)