M Stopwatch

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Do you need to know how much time needed for your activities, work or anything, M Stopwatch will help you to find out the answers quickly. This easy to use "M Stopwatch" application is calculating the time for anything you prefer, When you click on start or by pressing (cmd+1) the stopwatch starts to count time, then when you press on stop or by pressing (cmd + 4) the stopwatch's timer stops and the time is measured and added to the total time counter, the application keeps a record for that time measured on every round. it also has logs table to keep track of the time laps and rounds, it will calculate also the total time measured so far. *** Main Features *** - unlike other stopwatch applications, it will give you the full control to measure discrete events perfectly, and the ability to calculate unconnected time rounds. - shortcuts to start/lap/stop/pause. - you can still be able to reset the total time measured even if the timer is already started. - you can also export or save the logs to a text file.