MA Spy Camera Lite

OS X 10.11
Monitor your important places to prevent unauthorized person or object from entering Monitor whether your baby or pet wakes up or is asleep Monitor whether your boss is coming from your back :) The camera(s) will be activated by two modes: Monitor Activity -- The event will be triggered when there is an abnormal movement occurs in an user-specified area. For example,to monitor whether the thief is broken into / the office is secure / the baby wakes up Monitor Inactivity -- The event will be triggered if no moving object occurs in specified area within a preset duration. For example, using this app to monitor whether the baby/pet is asleep. Features: - Support multi-camera at the same time - Able to select one or more sub-zone for each camera - Able to synchronize images or videos with Dropbox or iCloud for remote monitoring - Optional to ring alarm or speech the index number of the monitored zone - Optional to speech user-defined text for warning - Flash the app's Icon from dock How to it works: 1. Select some grids you want to be monitored by clicking 2.Optional to select iCloud or Dropbox folder to synchronize the captured videos into 3.Click the Start Monitor button How to get tips: Stay mouse on buttons or controls and you will get tips. The iOS version named MA Motion Monitor is also available in iOS App Store.