MAC Address Scan

OS X 10.7
*** 50% OFF for a limited time *** MAC Address Scan is a convenient and practical access to the LAN MAC address computer software. MAC Address Scan run on either a local area network within the Mac OS X machines, you can quickly scan the network equipment. For LAN problems and offer the appropriate network diagnostic tool. 1.Multi-segment multi-port network switch, more convenient and more IP network port scanning machine 2.Provide the device name set 3.Port scan 4.Packet monitor 5.wake on lan 7.wifi manager scan 9 shortcut of vnc,web browser 10.Provide the MAC address vendor queries 11.Scan results sorted according to the IP name order to facilitate the statistical 12.Scan results can be saved in txt ,html and csv format FAQ 1. Packet monitor doesn't work . interface not found! Please follow this procedure run Finder->Applications->Utilities->Terminal input sudo chmod 666 /dev/bpf* input password OK NOTE:If you are have any questions/suggestions/comments about this app,please email to