Magic Battery (显示输入设备电池等级)

OS X 10.12
The App Magic Battery shows the battery level of supported input devices and headphones that are connected via Bluetooth in the menu bar. Internal batteries are also supported. The following devices are supported (if your device is not listed, please contact the support): Input devices: • Apple Magic Mouse • Apple Magic Mouse 2 • Apple Magic Trackpad 2 • Apple Wireless Keyboard • Apple Wireless Trackpad Headphones: • Apple AirPods • Beats Solo 3 • Beats X The app features: • Support for auto-start: The app is started as soon as the user is logged in. • Shows the percentage of the internal battery including how long the battery will last. • You can choose between a detailed, a compact or an icon-only view. In the detailed view, the battery level is shown next to the device icon. In the icon-only view, the battery levels are shown once the menu of the app is opened. The compact view shows all the information in a way that very little space is used. • Connected or disconnected devices are detected automatically. The view is then adjusted accordingly. • Receive notifications when the battery level of a device is below 15%. All products that are supported and were listed above are a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Find other great apps on my homepage: Contact: