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Magic HDR is such a powerful tool and will let you achieve dramatic and stunning images out of any photo... You love photography! This is the tool you need. Comes with a ready made library, you visualize in a snap… • Super Easy: HDR photography can be quite challenging but with MagicHDR it is easy you need only one image! • It takes second to have stunning pics without any special knowledge. • Dynamic Images: MagicHDR extends dramatically the range of dynamic light for mesmerizing effects. • HDR Light, Contrast, Black&White: MagicHDR offers multiple modes with all kind of controls. • A library of HDR Styles: Multiple settings lets you achieve exactly the effect you are looking for but also included many many stunning HDR style, that you can preview in no time on your own photo. • More than simple HDR. A tinting tool will bring amazing light effects on your images and we have included hundred of those! • The price is also magic!