Magic Heroes: Save Our Park

OS X 10.7.5
*** Save the city park from demolition! *** A mysterious but well-loved old lady everyone just calls “Granny” has been living in the park for longer than anyone can remember. Now, the park has fallen into disarray and the city has decided to sell the land off to a greedy real estate developer to be turned into condos. Poor Granny is going to lose her home, and the neighborhood is going to lose its park… unless you can help. Magic Heroes to the rescue! To save the park, you’ll have to show the local residents just how great their green space can be, by cleaning up, landscaping and decorating it until it’s the best park in the country! To do that, you’ll need some money, but Granny has a plan. Match Granny’s magic trinkets through 148 levels of puzzling action and raise the funds you need to transform the rundown park into a wonderland and rally the neighbors to come to its defense. It’s magic and match-3 at their best! *** Features *** - 148 levels! - 3 matching modes - swap, group and chains at your choice - One park to save - Rich game world, with 5 locations to explore - Beautiful painted backgrounds and more... *** Discover more from Anawiki Games! *** - Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles - Seven Seas Solitaire - The Perfect Tree - Runes of Avalon 2 - Avalon Legends Solitaire - Dress-Up Pups *** Check out our deluxe iOS games *** - Magic Heroes: Save Our Park HD - Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles - Avalon Legends Solitaire HD - Seven Seas Solitaire HD - Runes of Avalon HD - The Perfect Tree - Dress-Up Pups HD