OS X 10.11
Magic Black White or Tones Effects for all photos. As a professional, an hobbyist or simply someone who wish to get a stunning black and white, it gives you all the adjustments you need to create super high-quality black and white or multi-tones images. Easy Start with an extended library of preset effects... More than 50 presets are available. You can scroll and preview them instantly on the side. You can simply apply the preset or fine tuning thru multiple adjustments. Add Borders, Vignetting and Finishing Touches. MagicBlackWhiteForPhotos comes with a library of borders and edges, you can even use your own. Experimenting is fast and fun with instant gratification. All results are saved with the format of your choice. MagicBlackWhiteForPhotos is not only for BlackWhite images! All the different tools available let you mix your own made BlackWhite with touch of color thru selective masking. In a couple of clicks you manipulate DuoTones, TriTones, all the silver plates and achieve vibrant and stunning results.