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ReColor All Photos High Power Tool to Colorize or Recolor All Photos. With MagicColorize a set of powerful tools lets you brush on image or automatically apply vignettes thru multiple layers. MagicColorize is very easy to use and will provide beautiful results. It can be used to reColor a Black&White image, draw attention and put color on parts of your photos. Light tinting will give a retro or nostalgic look to any picture. The perfect tool for any scrapbook project. MagicColorize will convert your color photo to a beautiful black and white thru a set of different controls. You then simply layers multiple color effects, you can adjust blend and opacity. All this is achieved not only thru a simple brush, but you can also use a virtual lens or a tint plane. All is undoable, you can brush back, adjust each layer of color and have a different look. Save and recall for later adjustments. MagicColorize is a specialized tool you should not miss. Achieving the same with Photoshop, Elements or else will be difficult, will require you a lot of knowledge and will never be as flexible. You will save hours of work and a lot of frustration, thanks to MagicColorize. MagicColorize is the most powerful recoloring tool of the industry, yes there is a little learning curve but for high rewards. Check our video on that shows you how to use it. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask... We are 100% behind highly dedicated to the quality of our tools and give support!