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MagicScroll 6 features: Ease of Use • Intuitive graphic interface. • Full text formatting of font, size, style and color. • Adjustable margins help ‘center’ videotext over the lens of the camera behind the beamsplitter. • Voice dictation enabled to help create or edit scripts. • Find/Replace of text. • Copy/Paste of STYLE applies color or formatting to script without changing the text. • Use Emoji’s to cue your speaker to smile, laugh, applaude or other. • PDF manual download available from our website. Video Text Scrolling • Smooth scrolling video text leverages Graphic GPU. • Scale to fit or actual size for output screen/preview screen. • Interactive, adjustable scroll speed using your trackpad or attached USB device. • Full Screen scrolling when scrolling only on main screen of notebook. • Selectable ‘output’ screen shows only video text (not tools) to talent • Adjustable size, Preview window mirrors what goes out to attached monitors. • Adjustable gradient fade at top/bottom of output screen helps draw speakers eyes to the text. • Inverse video on/off selectable allows white text on black, or black text on white • Reverse horizontal/vertical scan to flip your video text on your output screen. (For beamsplitters) Prompting Specialty Features • Unlimited, nameable bookmarks. • Looping of script - between set-able in and out marks. • Script Queue window with saveable ‘setlists’ or show runs. • Linking of files in Script Queue to live-scroll from one linked script to the next. • Built-in stop watch can be toggled on/off to output screen. • Paperclips can be instantly set while scrolling to mark a spot in the script. • Blanking to Black sets the output screens to black with the click of a button. • Custom blanking screen from your graphic, such as a company or show logo. • Script Meter in Preview window shows approximate current scrolling location within script. • Adjustable pointer to set ‘current line’ of text for speaker’s focus.