Mahjong Cards – Play classic mahjong solitaire with playing cards

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Play a relaxing game of solitaire that mixes the classic rules of Mahjong with a deck of regular playing cards. Your challenge is to remove matching pairs of cards... but you can only remove cards that are not locked in by other cards. "Mahjong Card aims to be a puzzle game to relax with, and it succeeds at that." review Instead of tiles with Chinese symbols, Mahjong Cards uses the familiar playing cards from games such as klondike, bridge, and poker. * Easy to learn yet challenging enough to keep you interested * 60+ Puzzle layouts * Unlimited undo, shuffles, and helpful hints * No time limits, no pressure * Highlight option that shows all free pairs * Big, clearly readable cards * Beautiful artwork and sounds * Auto-saves your progress * Listen to your own music while you play If you enjoy playing solitaire card games, then you’ll love Mahjong Cards!