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Help Valeria to organize a Chinese Exhibition for the Cultural International Museum! Travel through China, solving puzzles to unlock your next steps! Research old temples and towers to find antique artifacts, and plan your exhibition to be a complete success! But if you don't want an adventure, you can just relax playing the arcade mode, where you can try all levels, on any game style you want! And are you good enough to beat several puzzles in a row, with limited time on the Blitz mode? Try this real challenge! Some details of the game (in the full version): * 104 unique puzzles * 5 different tilesets * 10 beautiful backgrounds * 3 game modes: Adventure, Arcade and Blitz * 5 game styles: Classic, Freecell, Addiction, Golden and Search. * 14 achievements to unlock * Hints and tutorials in-game * Around 24 hours of gameplay! * Incredible effects when removing the tiles! * Easy to play, and stimulates concentration, memory and thought * Immersive environments * Game in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish