Mail Backup X

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 79.00
Mail Backup X is one of the most advanced and efficient mail-backup solutions available to safeguard your emails from Apple Mail, Outlook Mac 2011 / 2016 , Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo, and IMAP emails, and store them on an individual's Desktop / laptop and a central FTP server for both personal and business e-mail. Using Mail Backup X, you ensure that all your important business emails are properly organized, secured, and searchable, from the stored archives. You can easily search and sort through the emails with lightning speed, and view them directly. Using Mail Backup X you can compress and archive large volumes of important email data, saving you up to 3x the disk space, yet you'll still be able to easily access your emails from the archived database with lightning fast searches. Mail Backup X runs in the background and backs up emails as they arrive. So, in case of an crash, you will be able to retrieve the most important data in no time. You are not only limited to backup's Mail backup X allows you to import and view mails from many popular mail archive files: .mbox archive (Apple Mail) .pst archive (Outlook Windows) .olm archive (Outlook Mac 2011 Archive) .rge files ( Thunderbird, Postbox) .eml files Flexible Licensing - Install and unlock on your Desktop, as well as your laptop, or on your office and home computer. Regularly Updated - One release is not the end of it! Like all releases, we never stop improving and improvising where it's needed.