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Simply keep your e-mail contacts up to date You run your own business and many of your customers contact you by e-mail - which is a great thing. But don't we all know how time consuming it is to create a proper address book contact for every single customer and we do forget about how important it would be, to use these existing relationships for personal updates on your business activities? Exactly at this point Mail Contacts jumps in and aids you organizing the contacts you exchanged with by e-mail. Mail Contacts easily scans through your e-mails and presents you all contacts with which you exchanged by e-mail (sent and received messages). After a one time scan, Mail Contacts allows you to add anyone you have not in your address list yet with only a single click. And it is so intelligent, it will even summarize similar addresses and differentiating between unknown contacts and the ones that are already in your address book. ••••• Import ••••• One-Click Import of all eMail Addresses from your Apple Mail. ••••• MailChimp ••••• We implemented the API of MailChimp directly into Mail Contacts so you can connect directly to your personal MailChimp account in order to simplify the distribution of e-mail Newsletters. ••••• Export Formats ••••• • CSV • HTML • Microsoft Word • OpenOffice XML • Open Document Text • Rich Text (RTF) • Text, WebArchive