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MailSender is lightweight (smaller version) of Mail Merge application. It is simple and dynamic solution for sending bulk mails to valuable customers after merging data from external sources like- xlsx, xls, CSV, docx, rtf, txt. you just need to draft your mail and rest of the things will be done by MailSender like Name of customer, specific message to particular customer and you can also send any file to your customer in the attachment. You can keep all the static information or data (like advertisement or wishing notes) in the mail template and rest of data which are varying time to time can keep in MS Excel/MS Word Document. Later any changes made in MS Excel/MS Word document will reflect the same while sending mails to customer. MailSender application is made for the users who don't want to create text boxes, picture, line, tables boxes in the Mail Merge application's document and want only send simple mails without advertisement or additional information in the mails. Please refer my website for more details- like steps for How to use Mail Sender. Support- If you have any issues, questions or suggestions for enhancements, please feel free to contact us at - or Sales- If any query related to sales, please contact us at -,