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Learn 3d modelling with Makers Empire 3D - the easiest to use 3d printing and 3d design app for all ages! We want to help you learn 3d modeling in a fun and interactive way - build your own 3d models and learn real design thinking concepts, do design challenges that teach Design and Technology curriculum, make and level up your own hero and share your designs with our huge community of Makers! FOR EDUCATORS Are you wondering what to do with your 3D printer? Makers Empire 3D is part of Makers Empire’s award-winning 3D printing solutions for K-8 schools and districts. Teach design thinking, STEM concepts and 21st century learning skills with 3D printing. Our solutions include easy to use 3D software, over 100 curriculum-aligned lesson plans, a teacher's dashboard, professional development, and analytics. Find out more at EASY TO USE TOOLS Makers Empire 3D is capable of highly detailed 3D models - yet it's so simple anyone can use it! Learn how to design in 3D through helpful tutorials, and complete DAILY CHALLENGES. Pick a design module like BLOCKER, a voxel editor, SHAPER, a traditional free form 3D modelling module or CHARACTER, an avatar builder. Share your designs in our GALLERY, alongside MILLIONS of others, so other designers can like and comment on your work! GAMIFICATION Level up as you design, complete daily design CHALLENGES, unlock new design tools as you go and enter monthly COMPETITIONS! Create your own HERO (avatar) to represent you in the Makers Empire universe, and socialise with other Makers around the world! 3D printing and 3D design have never been so easy - so what are you waiting for? Download Makers Empire 3D and start your 3D design journey today!