Map Snapshot – Download Large Detailed Offline Maps As High Resolution Images

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Map Snapshot lets you create big map images easily! ***** FEATURES ***** + Create high resolution map images in JPEG or PNG. + Up to 100 times the resolution of the screen. + Option to hide icons for points of interest. + Search for locations. + 3 map types - standard, hybrid, satellite. + Based on native MapKit. Fast and beautiful. ***** EASY TO USE ***** Step 1. Resize the window and decide an area on the map. Step 2. Adjust the image resolution, and download a preview to check whether the zoom level is perfect. Step 3. Save the big map image to your disk. ***** WHAT USERS SAY ***** "I often need to create large map images as part of my work. Until now I’ve had to do this by grabbing a couple of dozen screenshots as I panned around a map, and then assembling them into a single large image in Photoshop. Map Snaphsot does the same thing in just a couple of clicks. If you need big map images, then you need this app." "It does in fact export at very high resolution so I no longer need to buy the Pro version of Google Earth to get full resolution maps!" ***** NOTE ***** OS X 10.10 or later required.