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MarginNote Pro is the smart way to capture, organize, and review your book annotations and notes. It provides five powerful tools to create multi-dimensional notebooks from fragmented annotations and notes: book margin, hierarchy outline, mind map, hashtags, and flashcards. These tools help to create more dimensions of knowledge in your brain, and will help you to truly master the knowledge. Features Intuitive, sleek interface. Feature-rich and easy-to-use. Your notes in the visible margin. Organizing all your note cards by intuitive swipe-and-drag gestures in Outline mode. Place all your note cards into a large mindmap space to make your brain more creative. Hashtag features and powerful search across all your notebooks. Space-repetition study flashcards like Anki. Seamless syncing with Dropbox and Evernote. Sync books with iCloud. Export to OmniOutliner, iThoughts, Anki. Fast transfer between iPhone and iPad by Wi-Fi. Updates to ensure flawless use and new bonus features.