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Markdown Mate is a smart markdown previewer. Edit markdown with your favorite editor and preview HTML page in real time! There are already lots of markdown editors available. But what if you want to be with your favorite editors: Vim, Emacs, TextMate, Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio Code...etc. With Markdown Mate, you can continue to use your beloved editor. And Markdown Mate takes care of everything about Markdown: realtime preview, export to PDF/PNG/HTML, printing...etc. Markdown Mate is not going to replace your editor, instead, it wants to be your editor's mate. Features included but not limited to: - Realtime preview (as soon as the file is saved) - CommonMark - GitHub Flavored Markdown - flowchart, sequence chart, gantt chart - Icons: emoji, font awesome, ionicons - source code syntax highlight - Math and footnote - multiple tabs support - It knows where you changed, and scroll to the right place smartly - export to PDF, PNG, HTML - ...