MarScaper HDR

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A true photorealistic HDR software to capture the best emotion of your photography. Increase your depth of light more than ever with MarScaper HDR: - HDR from 2 to 100 bracketed images. - Real-time photorealistic HDR engine. - Real-time visualization of your bracketed pictures.  - Intelligent HDR fusion for a gorgeous rendering.  - Automatic and manual image alignment.  - Simple and intuitive render adjustment.  - Brush editing with exposure blending directly on your HDR images. - Other brush editing: exposure, contrast, and saturation. - Undo/Redo support. - Import all RAW formats accepted by OSX.  - Export TIFF (8bits and 16 bits), jpeg or png. - QuickLook preview (can also be exported in 1024 pixel jpeg). - No loss of EXIF data and color profiles. - Fullscreen mode. - Graphics tablets supported. - Batch processing.