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Material-Z is a new software package to create sophisticated procedural textures and PBR materials for your games and 3D computer art. An easy-to-use visual node editor allows anybody to create great looking materials which support features like seamless tiling. HOW IT WORKS Material-Z ships with a large amount of building blocks called "Sources", these sources can be used to visually program nodes which make up your material. Sources can be one of these categories: • fBm - Turbulence for noise sources • Material Mixer - Mix materials based on their properties • Mixer - Mix sources • Noise - Large collection of procedural noises • Operator - Modify your sources • Pattern - Pattern generators • Shape - Input shapes for your patterns • System - Control node flow • Transform - Warp, displace etc. your shapes Sources can be visually arranged and connected inside one of the project's nodes. Material-Z ships with a large collection of sources but new sources can also be added and shared by the user community. MATERIAL LIBRARY Material-Z comes with a cloud based library of existing materials. You can use these materials in your projects or use them as examples on how to achieve certain patterns or effects. Users can contribute to the material library by uploading their own materials. PATTERNS Material-Z supports various type of pattern generation: • Symmetric patterns can be created by dedicated pattern generators like "Brick & Tiles", "Herringbone", "Circular Tiles" and "Decor Tiles". These full featured patterns generators can create seamlessly repeatable textures and can be also injected with shapes to further modify the look and feel of materials. • Procedural pattern generators like cracks, rocks, marble veins, scratches etc. • Shapes can be transformed and randomly distributed to create tileable forest floors, pebbles and other organic shapes. GENERAL FEATURES • Easy-to-use, visual node editor for "programming", connecting and mixing nodes and materials. • Materials are PBR based and support the full principled Disney PBR spec. • Preview textures, rendered and even high-quality ray-traced previews of your materials. The included ray-tracer supports the full Disney PBR spec. • Paint module for adding existing textures or paint your own textures and patterns using the included paint tools. EXPORT • Export the textures of materials and import them into any modern PBR based game or rendering engine. • Export the GLSL source code of materials to use them directly in your games as procedural materials.