Math 3 On-Track

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Third grade math keeps skills moving up, up, up. Help kids soar, as the numbers get bigger, and the functions more complex. With this Math 3 On-Track program, kids can practice three- and four-digit addition and subtraction, work with story problems, sort larger numbers by greater than/less than, use expanded notation and become proficient with products and quotients, as they progress in multiplication and division. It’s a fun, creative tool for developing more advanced math skills. A handy onscreen scratch pad allows for working and solving the problems, then typing in the answers. This app “tracks” a child’s progress, color-coding correct/incorrect answers and giving third graders an at-a-glance review of their work. If they make a mistake they can select the red bead at the bottom of the screen and rework the problem. Combined with audio guidance, step-by-step instructions, and instant grading, Math 3 On-Track promotes self-paced learning. Large, colorful graphics and animations enhance the experience. At intervals in the exercises, kids are also rewarded with one of three games: checkers, Mouse Mania or Zany Zoo. Plus, a progress report can be printed at any time, as well as bonus exercise pages and a completion award certificate when finished. School Zone Publishing Company has been creating children's educational products for over 30 years, so you can trust that School Zone’s software will pack a learning punch. Go ahead, and give your child a healthy dose of learning. Features: •Audio guidance •Visual examples •Progressive skill challenges •Instant grading •Progress tracking •Positive reinforcement •Bookmarking •Animations •Games •Randomized problems •Math terminology •Onscreen scratch pad •Printable report and certificate Skills: •Multi-digit addition and subtraction •Multiplication •Division •Numbers through 999 •Tens, ones and hundreds •Comparing and ordering •Rounding and estimating •Expanded notation •Story problems •Place value •Even and odd •Sequencing •Greater than/less than Math 3 Ages 7-8 Grade 3 (U.S. English language & math conventions)