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Math Planet – Fun math game curriculum for kids

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Simply the world’s most fun math curriculum for grades 1-8! “So much fun they hardly realize they are doing math!" - Jodi K., Math Teacher at Fort Cherry Elementary Center “My students absolutely love this program!” - Mandy D., Math Teacher at Norwin School District KEY FEATURES + 100+ game levels support 80+ Common Core State Standards + Six adaptive learning pathways (Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, Middle School & Adults) + RIGOROUS: builds high-need skills with conceptual learning and fluency + Learning Analytics Dashboard to track learning progress + Research-based and approved by top educators AWARD WINNING Math Planet games have won many prestigious awards, including: ** National STEM Game Competition ** Educational App Grand Challenge ** New York City Department of Education "Gap App" competition TOPICS COVERED 1. Number Sense - Order, Round and Compare Whole Numbers; Round, Order and Compare Decimals; Round, Compare and Order Fractions 2. Place Value - Place Values in Whole Numbers; Place Values in Decimals; Add and Subtract based on Place Values; Multiply and Divide based on Place Values 3. Addition and Subtraction Concepts - Add and Subtract based on Place Values; Make a Number; Addition and Subtraction Properties 4. Multiplication and Division Concepts - Multiply and Divide based Place Values; Multiplication and Division Properties 5. Addition - Multi digit Addition; Estimate Sums; Patterns in Addition Table 6. Subtraction - Multi digit Subtraction; Relate to Addition; Estimate Differences 7. Multiplication - Multi digit Multiplication; Multiply by multiples of 10 and 100; Patterns in Multiplication Table; Estimate Products 8. Division - Multi digit Division; Divide by multiples of 10 and 100; Estimate Quotient 9. Fractions - Fractions as Whole numbers; Equivalent Fractions; Compare Fractions; Order Fractions; Fractions on Number Line; Add and Subtract Fractions; Multiply and Divide Fractions 10. Decimals - Place values in Decimals; Compare Decimals; Round Decimals; Decimals on Number Line; Add and Subtract Decimals 11. Mixed Number - Understand Mixed Numbers; Compare Mixed Numbers with Fractions; Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers 12. Measurement - Read and Write Time using Analog and Digital Clock; Add and Subtract Time; Angle Measurement; Add and Subtract Angles 13. Geometry - Angle Concept, Partitioning Shapes PERFECT FOR SUMMER Research from Duke University shows that students lose an average of 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in computational ability over the summer. Math Planet’s fun and addictive math games are the perfect way to battle Math Summer Slide. DESIGNED BY LEARNING SCIENTISTS Math Planet was designed by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and has been tested in hundreds of classrooms. Randomized Controlled Trials have proven significant learning outcomes and transfer within individual games. ***FREE FOREVER*** - 6 fun and unique games - PLUS, Math Fact Fluency system NEW ADAPTIVE LEARNING Math Planet is powered by a new generation of adaptive machine learning tools that measurably improve over time. When you play, you learn, our games learn - and we all help advance the science of learning! It's a win-win-win. FEEDBACK We're always listening - so please send your feedback! contactus@playpowergames.com