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Math & Smart Pirates. SeaFight. 2nd Grade.

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"Math & Smart Pirates. SeaFight. 2nd Grade.” makes math fun and easy for kids. The app has a captivating Pirates theme that keeps children engaged and motivated while learning new skills. The app covers the basic math facts for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Playing with this application kids will master math skills in the shortest possible time. Learning occurs while playing a fun and exciting game! A smart pirate landed on the Math island. On the way to his ship, he has to pick cannon balls to gain the victory over the enemy ships. Before picking every cannon ball, the pirate is challenged to add, subtract, divide, and multiply. The player has to be attentive and give correct answers to get as many cannon balls as possible. While battling enemy ships, a player needs to fire cannons at them and avoid their attack. The app contains kid friendly rich graphics and animations that are easy for children to follow without parent or teacher supervision. KEY FEATURES Increase math confidence and competence Fun, engaging and effective Self paced math practice program Motivational rewards and games for correct answers Monitor progress with real-time progress dashboard You can select any of the 10 topics Overall performance and detailed score for each 10 topics CURRICULUM COVERAGE 2 GRADE Addition: two digits; three digits Subtraction: two digits; three digits Mixed operations: Add and subtract numbers up to 20, up to 100 Multiplication: Multiplication tables up to 10 Division: Divisors and quotients up to 5, to 10