Matt Warnock 101 Jazz Guitar Licks

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Are you looking to expand your jazz guitar vocabulary and build your jazz guitar chops but don’t want to just learn static licks without knowing WHY they sound the way they do? The Matt Warnock Guitar 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App not only teaches you how to play 101 classic jazz guitar licks, it teaches you how each lick is built and why it sounds the way it does, allowing you to learn the building blocks of each lick, as well as the licks themselves. With over 100 licks to choose from, geared towards beginner, intermediate and even advanced players, there is something for every jazz guitarist in this exciting and fun to work with jazz guitar teaching tool. The 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App Features •Licks in Tab, Notation and played live on the guitar fretboard display •Real Audio recorded at 100% and 50% for each lick •Adjustable Lead and Rhythm Part Volume to allow for jamming with the backing track or just the lick itself •Adjustable metronome with real sampled guitar sounds to slow down or speed up any lick in the practice room •Behind the Lick explanations of why each lick sounds the way it does and how to break each lick down for further exploration in the woodshed •Left Handed Fretboard Option •Adjustable Fretboard colors and fret marker designs to customize the neck to look just how you like it The 101 licks are broken down into common jazz chord progressions that you will see in jam sessions and out on the bandstand. Lick Categories Include •2-Bar Major ii V I •2-Bar Minor ii V I •4-Bar Major ii V I •4-Bar Minor ii V I •Turnarounds •Modal Vamps •Blues Progressions and Chords •And More! As well, each lick demonstrates a different jazz guitar concept and/or technique that you can take further into the practice room to adapt each lick for various musical situations and tunes. Techniques Include •Double Stops •Slides, Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs •Chord Soloing Ideas •Double Time Licks •Rhythmic Variation and Development •Common Bebop Vocabulary •Common Jazz Blues Vocabulary •And More! All this for under 0.10$ per lick! If you are looking to expand your jazz guitar soloing vocabulary and chops today then check out the Matt Warnock Guitar 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App. Not only will you learn 101 great-sounding and fun to play jazz guitar licks, but you will learn why each lick sounds the way it does, allowing you to derive countless hours of fun in the practice room working on these licks and the concepts behind getting a jazz sound into your guitar solos. Download your copy today!