Mazes Puzzle Play

OS X 10.6.6
Mazes sharpen creativity, concentration, critical thinking and eye-hand concentration, and this maze-building app makes it fun! The kid-friendly approach of Mazes Puzzle Play turns your computer into a puzzle-making machine. Just add imagination! Choose from among 30 different background scenes such as Colossal Castle and Treacherous Triangle or create a maze that helps a plane get to the gate, a scientist fill a beaker, or a golfer make a putt. Add more bends and turns to make the puzzle more difficult or select Play and let the computer do the creating. With this dynamic app kids can be a puzzle-maker--experiencing the thrill and challenge of game design--or be a puzzle solver. They can navigate the mazes solo, race against the computer, or match times with a friend. With one click the puzzle-maker can begin again, making another miraculous maze. The possibilities for new puzzles are virtually endless. Another option is to print out the maze puzzles for doing anywhere, anytime, or sharing with friends and siblings. Still another choice is to combine the printed versions into a personal book of mazes! This software program is great for the whole family. Whether your child loves the challenge of solving puzzles or creating them, Puzzle Play Mazes offers hours and hours of opportunities. School Zone Publishing Company has been creating children’s educational products for over 30 years, so you can trust that School Zone’s apps will deliver both education and entertainment excellence. Go ahead, and give your child a boost in each area! Features: --Audio guidance --Positive reinforcement --Time display --Animations --Near-limitless variations --Music --Printable mazes Skills: --Observation --Problem solving --Deductive reasoning --Mapping --Concentration --Critical thinking --Creativity (U.S. English language conventions)