Mazetools Soniface Lab

OS X 10.9.0
Get on new ways to song concepts, visual compositions or audiovisual performances. You can save all creations, scenes and arrangements, load them, add them to others and record the entire sound as audio file (* .wav). *** The basic principle of the software is an animated grid. Each line is linked to a sound. As soon as the grid begins to vibrate and deform, sounds are created. A drum synthesizer interface offers the possibility to generate beats with different rhythms and to modulate the sound by touch, envelopes, automation and MIDI. Colors are associated with notes and chords and can be also controlled via a midi keyboard. The sampler interface allows microphone recording, the integration of your own audio files and included nature shots and everyday sounds. *** Put on headphones and take some time! The use is very connected with the moment of creation. Many of our testers said that it took about 10-15 minutes to arrive. Explore Soniface in your own way. A tutorial mode guides you through the app.. *** Key features: * Plug&play 2nd display output for projectors * Sound playback from stereo up to 4.0, 5.1 & 7.1 surround * MIDI input to play colors, notes and chords by keyboard or to link effects to controllers * Touch based audiovisual synthesizer grid & circular editing interface * Rhythm Interface featuring a drum step sequencer & sound modulation setup * Soundscape sampler incl. mic input, file library & sequencer * Geometric arpeggiator, note step sequencer with envelope controller * Color Interface related to a system based on the color organ Scriabin and the circle of fifth * Pattern based song arrangement section * 12 grid shapes & special visualization settings * Shape interface for interactive sound modeling incl. 4 modes of synthesis * Effect automation section * Multi touch performance gestures to control audiovisual effects * Realtime master sound to *.Wav audio recording * Save/ load project file section (Mazes & Set) * In-app tutorial function incl. reading aloud mode There is a lot to come! Our small team works permanently and with great passion to improve the quality and add new functions. Get more information on: