M’Box — Share on Dropbox

OS X 10.11
M’Box is a simple but extremely efficient utility that allows you to archive and share your files on Dropbox with a simple click. When installed, M’Box will ask you to connect your Dropbox account with the application and you’ll be ready to share your files with friends, colleagues and relatives. Drag a single file or a whole folder on the M’Box window (or on its icon in the Dock) and the app will do the rest: uploading the content to your Dropbox account, compressing the files if necessary, generating a link for sharing and copying it to the Pasteboard. You only have to paste the link to share everything you want! M’Box simplifies and speeds up archiving and sharing files with Dropbox. Forget the browser and boring copy/paste operations, it only takes one click to share your files with whoever you want. M’Box can be customized for enterprise use and specific needs, get in touch with the Staff at MMN for further details. Dropbox and the Dropbox logo are registered trademarks of Dropbox, Inc. M’Box is a third-party application not affiliated with Dropbox, Inc.