OS X 10.8
mColorConverter converts color values between Munsell and RGB spaces. - Color Conversion In the Munsell section, you can directly hand input a Munsell string, or utilize the hue, value, chroma sliders (and also steppers) to input or change a Munsell notation, simultaneously you can see the color being rendered in you screen and it's RGB representation in 0-255 and Hex format being shown. Note that for a given hue, value pair, mColorConverter constraints the chroma to MacAdam limits. So some super high chroma colors may still fall out of gamut of you device thus be compressed to fit in. In the RGB section, you can either input the R, G, B components separately in 0-255 format or simply input a Hex string, simultaneously you can see changes in the displaying area and also in the Munsell section. By selecting from the RGB profiles popup menu you select to convert "directly" between Munsell and your desired RGB color space. (By saying "directly", I mean not through other RGB color spaces, just Munsell ⇔ CIE ⇔ specified RGB Space. This way you get more precise conversion results.) Respecting the fact that most monitors have relative small color gamut and there are gamut mismatch between different RGB color spaces/profiles, instead of just render the result color of a conversion we render both the Munsell color (i.e. Munsell ⇒ device RGB then render) and the specified RGB color (i.e. specified RGB ⇒ device RGB then render) regardless of whether the conversion is from Munsell to specified RGB or vice versa. - Management of Favorite Colors Open the "Favorite" colors management window by selecting "Window"->"Favorite" (or CMD+F). Use Shift+CMD+F to add interested colors to "Favorite". Export "Favorite" colors to adobe color swatch file formats (.ase & .aco) by selecting "File"->"Export swatches...".