MD5 Checker – MD2, MD4, SHA1, SHA256…. also

OS X 10.10
A simple, yet very important tool for increased security. MD5 checksums are used to control the integrity of a download. If a downloaded file is altered or compromised in any way the checksum will be incorrect. The MD5 checker is confirms if the checksum is correct or not. How it works: Man in the middle attacks have become common lately, and they can be very dangerous. A man in the middle attack works by replacing the original download with an altered version. Depending on the intentions the impact of an altered download can be drastic. The MD5 checksum is part of any healthy download and used to check it's integrity ... if that check is executed! Unfortunately, most tools are missing this simple mechanism and do not check the MD5 checksum. With the MD5 Checker you can verify the MD5,MD2, MD4, SHA1, SHA256, SHA224, SHA384 and SHA512 checksum of every download and protect your computer from 'man in the middle' attacks!