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Meeting Pad is the most complete application designed to help you manage and take control of Meetings you are either attending or running. Use Meeting Pad to organise you Meeting Notes, Meeting Actions, Meeting Attendees and much more. If you are meeting with one person or 20 people “Meeting Pad” will ensure you capture what was said, who attended and all the to-do actions in a highly intuitive interface. Meeting Pad is also available for your iPad and iPhone. iPad/iPhone app store for Meeting Pad ! APPLE CALENDAR INTEGRATION Create new meetings within Meeting Pad or select them from your Apple Calendar which will import your meeting information including the list of attendees. ACTIONS LINKED TO INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS Create actions which are stand-alone or more importantly linked to each meeting allowing you to view actions by meeting, by action owner, by due date etc. Action history is retained for each meeting allowing you to view historic meetings and the actions completed. MEETING NOTES AND AUDIO “Meeting Pad” is designed to allow easy and rapid typing of notes during your meeting with simultaneous recording of as much or as little audio as you need. As you record you can tag key moments in the recording. AUTO SAVE FEATURES You need never worry about saving any of your notes or meeting information within “Meeting Pad”. Everything is saved in real-time as you type. FULL TEXT SEARCH AND KEYWORD TAGS Meetings and to-do items are fully text searchable with the option to associate Keywords. TO DO LIST & APPLE REMINDERS INTEGRATION Each meeting has it's own To Do list allowing you to easily review the actions specific to each meeting, in addition “Meeting Pad” provides full integration with Apple Reminders. ATTENDEE MANAGEMENT “Meeting Pad”'s unique Attendee features allow to keep a record of who attended each meeting, this feature integrates fully with your iPhone contact list. SEATING PLAN “Meeting Pad”'s unique seating plan feature allows you to quickly record who is seated where in the room. REPEAT MEETING MANAGEMENT If you attend a regular meeting with similar attendees then “Meeting Pad” allows you to "repeat" the previous meeting. EMAIL MEETING NOTES AND ACTIONS “Meeting Pad” will automatically generate a formatted email containing your email notes, meeting actions and attendee list. If required it will auto-populate the email to list from the attendee email addresses held in your contact list. And many other features waiting for you to discover them …..