Meeting Recorder Pro

OS X 10.8
Save time, money and keep a clear head by simultaneously taking text notes and creating voice recordings of important meetings. Remove the overhead of trying to remember everything said in a meeting! Taking notes during an important meeting is mandatory - but it's not always possible to jot down the things you witness. That's where Meeting Recorder Pro comes in to save the day: This app not only allows you to take high quality accurate text notes - it also records every spoken word for later reference. And to make this completely hassle free it automatically links text you write down to audio timestamps. Never again you will have to try to remember what exactly was said during a meeting or fume at incomplete notes. Meeting Recorder is the ideal tool to survive a stressful business day. What our testers say: "Audio / Text synch is really impressive. The app overall is really useful and clever in its approach to note-taking." - Jennifer, United Kingdom "Love being able to record my professors while taking notes so that if i miss something, i can go back and listen/review. A great app!" - Jérôme, France "Capturing the audio (which in the past literally goes in one ear and out the other) is like getting perfect recall. Don't have to try and jar your foggy memory anymore. It's all in your notes!" - Steve, USA "This makes my work a lot less stressful. Now I can focus on the meeting instead on taking notes." - Günther, Germany Meeting Recorder Pro comes with these awesome features to make your day easier: - Synchronization of audio and text - Full Rich Text Editor - Support for bullet lists and tables - Support for embedding images, charts, diagrams, audio, video and PDF and many more - Integrated spell checker - High quality audio recording with special speech enhancement algorithms - PDF export - What You See Is What You Get printing support - Retina Graphics Meeting Recorder is the ideal tool to survive a stressful business day. Download it now!